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Refinement Phase of the Master Plan

The Refinement Phase

The Refinement Phase is divided into two steps: Preliminary and Final Refinement. This two-step process is specifically designed to allow multiple opportunities for feedback on the direction of the Master Plan. During this phase, a preliminary Master Plan will be developed that presents a single future vision for each of NSU's three campuses: Tahlequah, Broken Arrow and Muskogee. The input provided by NSU constituents during the Alternatives Phase directly guides development of the preliminary Master Plan.

Each design responds to the unique space needs identified for each campus and addresses opportunities to improve the overall physical environment for students, faculty and staff. Strategies to better engage with NSU's host communities are also explored. The guiding principles continue to serve as the framework from which all master planning decisions are derived. The goal for the Refinement Phase is to work toward the development of a final Master Plan that successfully represents the future vision for NSU.

Your feedback remains essential to the master planning process to help guide the future direction of the NSU Campus Master Plan as it moves into its final stages of refinement. Please review the presentation links and provide your input in the comment box below.


Draft Final Refinement Presentation Documents

Preliminary Refinement Presentation Documents

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