Report Concern or Incident

Coronavirus Concerns

With cold and flu season being well underway, NSU has been taking extra precautions to ensure clean and healthy campuses. Additionally, with growing worldwide concerns about the Coronavirus, NSU officials are monitoring the situation as it unfolds and will provide updates as needed to the campus community. Feel free to contact us with your questions and concerns.

Travel Safety & Health

This form is to help provide you with tailored health and travel information, as appropriate, based on specific travel plans or other questions.


Academic Misconduct

This form is for reporting acts of Academic Misconduct as defined in the Student Handbook and University Catalogs.

Academic Referral/Early Alert

Academic Early Alerts provide critical information on student success such as attendance and academic performance concerns.


Behavioral Concerns

The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is a resource to confidentially report concerns. The team's purpose is to provide support and intervention to individuals displaying varying levels of disruptive, disturbed, distressed, and/or irregular behaviors. Some examples of concerning behaviors include, but are not limited to: mental health concerns, threats to harm self or others, homelessness, lack of necessities, and/or substance abuse.

Compliments and Complaints

This form is for general feedback, compliments, complaints, and other grievances not covered by the other reporting options provided.


Gender-Based and Sexual Misconduct Discrimination (Title IX)

Northeastern State University encourages students, employees, parents, and friends of the community to report potential violations of the Gender-Based and Sexual Misconduct/ Discrimination (Title IX) policy by completing this form. Some examples of gender-based and sexual misconduct include, but are not limited to: sexual assault, hazing, harassment, and/or stalking.


RUSO has selected EthicsPoint to serve as the RUSO Tip Line which provides an easy way for you to discreetly and confidentially report activities which you, in good faith believe, may be unethical, illegal or otherwise inappropriate behavior by university employees and/or contractors in violation of established policies.


Racial Discrimination

Northeastern State University is committed to providing a college environment free from racial harassment. NSU does not tolerate harassment on the basis of race. Allegations of racial harassment will be investigated, and NSU will actively pursue reasonable efforts to prevent racial harassment and correct its discriminatory effects. If you believe you were subjected to racial harassment, you are encouraged to submit a report here and/or to NSU’s Compliance Coordinator (; 918-444-2120) and/or HR Director (; 918-444-2030).