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Quality Service Standards

Northeastern State University is an institution of higher learning that is diverse, collaborative, service-oriented and engaging. The University is a culturally rich and historically important place both regionally and nationally that allows for myriad experiences and points of enrichment for the whole of the NSU community. This community is comprised of all those who engage with the University; be they students, faculty, staff, campus communities and friends of the University. As a community, the University advocates and practices the following:


I care therefore I will inspire students, faculty and staff to achieve academic, career and life goals through individualized guidance and advising.

  • Enable success and remove any barriers that obstruct success
  • Promote financial literacy, decision making, stability, and balance of work, life and family
  • Be a gateway to a successful college experience, career and life

I care therefore I will promote diversity and enhance multi-cultural experiences.

  • Encourage open-mindedness and acceptance
  • Be courteous and respectful to each member of the NSU community in ways that demonstrate value and empowerment

I care therefore I will project a positive image and attitude.

  • Smile and keep conversations positive and professional
  • Aspire to exceed expectations whenever possible (my 1% more in every situation)
  • Be approachable, engage, and interact with the NSU community
  • Give individual attention to members of the NSU community in such a way as to demonstrate no other person is more important than they are at the time of service
  • Facilitate connections, relationships and a sense of belonging in every interaction with others
  • Empower, encourage and support each other consistently so that all aspects of the University are infused with a positive sense of esprit de corps

I care therefore I will use policies to enable and assist each member in the NSU community to accomplish their goals.

  • Advocate for policies and practices to promote progress
  • I will strive to find ways to provide solutions and resolve problems


I care therefore I will practice safe behaviors in everything I do.

  • Know and follow all safety policies and procedures
  • Be proactive in reducing potential hazardous situations

I care therefore I will always put safety first and hold students, faculty and staff accountable.

  • Promote and encourage physical and emotional health
  • Identify, correct, and immediately report safety concerns
  • Provide effective, efficient, and timely crisis response
  • Provide appropriate resources for desired student, faculty and staff outcomes
  • Educate the NSU Community on safety issues
  • Eliminate shortcuts that are inconsistent with the “Safety First” priority


I care therefore I will look for ways to be responsive to the NSU community in a timely manner.

  • Provide timely and desired responses and follow-up
  • Ensure my area is ready to serve the NSU community at all times
  • Be prepared and anticipate needs of the NSU community and offer assistance
  • Provide accurate and timely information to each member of the NSU community
  • Stay aware of new technologies and best practices to support the success of the university


I care therefore I will facilitate consistent processes and information.

  • Ensure philosophy, messaging, and actions that continuously project an ethic of care
  • Pledge to maintain accessible and transparent communication and processes
  • Work as a team and build partnerships to maximize effectiveness and efficiency
  • Develop transformative assessment and measurement in all processes
  • Be consistent in the application of all institutional policies

I care therefore I will take responsibility for the efficient use of university resources and inspire others to do the same.

  • Share opportunities to improve the NSU community and the university
  • Be prepared and anticipate operational plans of action
  • Promote and implement sustainability