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Discovery Process of the Master Plan

The Discovery process is just that -- it's the uncovering, the dusting off, the unearthing of everything there is to know about Northeastern State University. During this process, tough questions will be asked to formalize the expectations of the Campus Master Plan and to gather and analyze information. The assembled data is strategic, quantitative and provides a physical record of the campus. This phase focuses on gathering the material required to begin identifying program opportunities, influences and constraints that will guide the master planning effort.

Every step of the master planning process is designed to be transparent, inclusive and iterative. It requires commitment and input from NSU leadership along with the full participation of students, faculty, staff, alumni and the communities in which NSU resides. This sustainable, non-prescriptive, and actionable approach is designed to reach a solution that is based on cumulative decision-making.

Moving forward from Discovery, the second phase, Analysis, will provide a needs assessment based on the systematic evaluation of quantitative and qualitative information. During this time, an environmental scan will also be conducted to evaluate future enrollment trends and program growth opportunities. The analysis will be presented in January and will include an evaluation of each campus. From this, the university will identify and prioritize needs based on strategic goals that will provide direction during the development of alternative Master Plan concepts.

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