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Analysis Phase of the Master Plan

The Analysis Phase brings existing constraints and opportunities for each of NSU's campuses into focus through a systematic quantitative and qualitative evaluation of information uncovered during the Discovery Phase. This assessment includes an evaluation of the campus physical environment through features such as land use relationships, facilities condition, vehicular and pedestrian circulation, open space, and hydrology, as well as a review of current program offerings, projected future enrollment growth, and trends in higher education.

This phase not only evaluates the existing conditions and opportunities for the institution, but also the university's relationship to the broader communities in which NSU serves. This understanding allows future growth and enhancement recommendations to consider strategic alliances with city and regional efforts, in order to provide a more enriching overall experience for both Northeastern State University and its local communities.

From the Analysis Phase, the master planning process moves into the Idea Generation Phase. During this stage, three distinct alternative planning concepts will be developed to address the opportunities and constraints highlighted during the Analysis Phase. The alternatives will be presented in April and will include concepts for each campus. From these alternatives, the university will identify and prioritize components that will inform plan refinement and further development of the Master Plan.

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