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Athena Wooldridge

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Athena Wooldridge


  • Assistant Professor/Assistant Dean
    Marketing BA

Office Location

  • Tahlequah
    Business & Technology 210A


Dr. Athena Wooldridge worked for 10 years in the private sector for multinational manufacturers as well as international non-profit organizations where she focused on marketing strategy, profitability, and product development. Over the past decade, Dr. Wooldridge has worked for national retail and restaurant organizations where she was responsible for consumer research, product development, procurement/supply chain, training, profitability, and strategy.
Her current research focuses on sustainable behaviors of consumers and diversity, equity, and inclusion for recruitment marketing.
Dr. Wooldridges favorite courses to teach are Digital Marketing, Buyer Behavior, and Team Skills.

Courses Taught:

  • MANAGEMENT & TEAM SKILLS - MGMT 4013 - Spring 2022
  • MARKETING ANALYSIS - MKT 4103 - Spring 2022
  • PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING - MKT 3213 - Spring 2022
  • INTRO TO DIGITAL MEDIA MKTG - MKT 3263 - Fall 2021