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Timothy Hart

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Timothy Hart


  • Assistant Professor
    Management Broken Arrow

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    Broken Arrow Business & Technology 208
    (918) 449-6556


Tim Hart researches in the areas of strategy and sustainability. His work has been published in Journal of Business Research, Strategic Organization, Business & Society, and Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, among other outlets. He has lived in the Great Plains most of his life and has either worked at or attended school at Northeastern State University, The University of Tulsa, Oral Roberts University, The University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University (Stillwater and Tulsa) and Tulsa Community College. Prior to joining academia, Dr. Hart practiced corporate law at the Tulsa firm of Barber & Bartz and also worked in industry as a corporate trainer and supervisor at a local tax software company. Tim is a devoted husband and father and enjoys spending time outdoors with his family.


  • PhD, Strategic Management, The University of Oklahoma, 2009
  • JD, The University of Tulsa, 2002
  • BS, Accounting, Oral Roberts University, 1997
Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability, and Stakeholder Management.
Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, Stakeholder Management, Strategic Management, and Principles of Management.

Intellectual Content:

  • Subjective norms and social media: Predicting ethical perception and consumer intentions during a secondary crisis (Journal Article, Academic Journal), Published, January (1st Quarter/Winter), 2023
  • Understanding the dynamic relationships between CSR and CSIR (Journal Article, Academic Journal), Published, 2021
  • Sustainable Tulsa: How sustainable is the sustainability business? (Journal Article, Academic Journal), Published, 2020
  • How employee behaviors effect organizational change and stability. (Journal Article, Academic Journal), Published, 2020
  • How the world has changed and what that means for teaching strategy and CSR. (Journal Article, Academic Journal), Published, 2018
  • Sustainable MBAs: A phase model development of sustainability in MBA education. (Book, Chapter in Scholarly Book-New), Published, 2017
  • Organizational citizenship behavior and the enhancement of absorptive capacity (Journal Article, Academic Journal), Published, 2016
  • An examination of the impact of executive compensation disparity on corporate social performance. (Journal Article, Academic Journal), Published, 2015
  • Assessing the concurrent validity of the revised Kinder, Lydenberg, and Domini corporate social performance indicators. (Journal Article, Academic Journal), Published, 2015
  • Do, but don't tell: The search for social responsibility and sustainability in the websites of the top-100 US MBA programs. (Journal Article, Academic Journal), Published, 2015


  • Multi-stakeholder value creation: A study of Volkswagen. - International Association of Business & Society - - 2020
  • When is Greenwashing valued? Actually, when is it not valued? - Strategic Management Society - - 2018
  • Should CSR be taught as part of strategy classes and, if so, how? - Strategic Management Society - - 2018
  • What a tangled web we wove: An examination of corporate social performance after an acquisition. - Strategic Management Society - - 2017
  • Unbundling the effect of prior invention experience from firm size on future exploratory and exploitative search behaviors. - Seventh Annual Bridging Bedlam Conference - - 2014
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  • Unbundling the effect of prior invention experience from firm size on future exploratory and exploitative search behaviors. - Seventh Annual Bridging Bedlam Conference - - 2014