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Strategic Goals


Advance a culture of academic excellence and student success.

Northeastern State University’s mission and vision promote the continuous pursuit of knowledge and acquisition of skills, inspiring our community to fulfill their personal and scholarly goals. By embracing the teacher-scholar model and high expectations for student success, NSU provides quality teaching, challenging curricula, immersive learning opportunities, quality library resources and services, service to local and professional communities, and supports faculty development through research and scholarly activities. The University recognizes faculty engaged with and current in their fields are indispensable to the teacher-scholar model.

The University seeks to develop the whole person, enhance engagement and support services in order to achieve and sustain student persistence, completion and career readiness. To that end, NSU will maintain a focus on achievement and transformation. The institution believes the most productive path to this environment will be derived from the exploration, identification and responsive adoption of evidence and research based practices and strategies, thereby fully evolving into a data-driven institution. The ultimate outcome will be an institutional mindset and culture that supports faculty and staff while advancing a culture of academic excellence and student success.


Secure and sustain the resources necessary to maximize the University’s capacity for excellence.

The mission and vision of Northeastern State University emphasize serving the intellectual, cultural, social, and economic needs of its region. NSU has identified an over-arching institutional priority to increase enrollment, student persistence, and degree completion. To meet the needs of the university community and address this institutional priority, the University must ensure physical, fiscal, and environmental responsibility. In so doing, the University provides a competitively excellent and affordable education by engaging in responsible stewardship of its resources, embracing cost containment and cost avoidance practices. The foundation of NSU’s institutional excellence includes a healthy, safe, and environmentally sustainable campus, supported through campus security and efficient operations throughout all functional units. A thriving campus enhances individual and community health and well-being, positive educational experiences, and environmental stewardship.

These institutional commitments require the pursuit of increased funding for scholarships, programming, facilities and professional development opportunities. Additionally, NSU recognizes that it must actively seek and cultivate relationships with alumni, community partners and philanthropists while promoting the benefits of investing in Northeastern State University. To maximize the return on these critical investments, NSU must also provide adequate infrastructure and funding while meeting the evolving needs of its students and region.


Support economic development and community stewardship at the local, tribal and regional levels.

NSU’s mission and vision articulate the institution’s unique role and responsibility in developing its communities and serving its citizens. The annual economic impact of Northeastern State University is one of the largest in the region. The University understands that by working together and facilitating partnerships, regional communities can and do thrive. NSU’s three (3) campuses serve as educational, cultural and social hubs for the northeastern section of Oklahoma. The University will continue to enhance the quality of life in northeast Oklahoma by contributing its expertise, experience, and leadership to collaborations with its community, tribes and regional partners.


Honor our heritage as the cultural center of the region.

The University’s mission and vision are not only clarified statements of purpose, but engaged calls to action for NSU to directly serve the intellectual and cultural needs of the University’s many and diverse communities. For generations, the institution has addressed the social and economic needs of northeastern Oklahoma by acting as a communal hub; bringing people together and attracting visitors from around the world.

As a regional partner, Northeastern State University works to enhance the area’s quality of life and rich cultural fabric by providing varied points of access. The resources the institution brings to bear are represented vis-à-vis the performing arts; artistic and educational exhibits; cultural and academic symposia, conferences, and lectures; athletics events; intellectual service by its faculty; and the provision of library and archival resources. While NSU strives to bring a global, multicultural perspective to its region, the University also highlights the unique contributions it makes as a university with Cherokee roots, distinctive American Indian curricular interests, and the largest Native American undergraduate student population in the nation. The University continues to progress on its mission as a living, data-driven institution, while remaining committed to its history as the premier cultural champion of northeast Oklahoma.


Engage in creativity and innovation.

The University’s mission and vision have been developed to promote the growth, evolution and eventual actualization of the individual so they may reach their full academic and personal potential; ultimately extending outward to the community and global society. NSU’s high expectation of student success builds and supports a culture of learning and discovery by championing an environment of creativity and innovation. This framework is therefore built into all disciplines; reaching beyond the classroom to prepare students for tomorrow’s global society.


Ensure institutional effectiveness through continuous improvement.

The University’s mission and vision call upon NSU to maintain the highest expectation of student success and community service. The institution will shape its region by serving the educational, cultural, social and economic needs of the University’s communities. It is in this spirit of servant leadership that NSU has dedicated itself to academic and scholarly excellence. The University is committed to serving its communities and expanding a culture of learning, discovery and diversity.

To sustain this high standard, NSU will be innovative and responsive to competitive, market and economic conditions. Therefore it is understood that the University must embrace a mindset of continuous assessment and measurement as it documents the institution’s effectiveness and demonstrates evaluated progress towards achieving institutional excellence.

The University is committed to data-driven decision making and continuous improvement. All institutional units must create and maintain dynamic plans aligning their goals and outcomes to NSU’s mission, vision and strategic plan. Data and evidence will inform and guide institutional decisions, strategies and initiatives at every level. The University is unilaterally focused on continuous improvement of operations, policies, and practices in response to outcomes-based assessment and alignment to its mission, vision and strategic plan.