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2021 Certified Healthy Campus

Northeastern State University named 2021 Certified Healthy Campus

(Tahlequah, Oklahoma) — The Oklahoma State Department of Health has distinguished NSU as a 2021 Oklahoma Certified Healthy Campus.

There are three levels of certification for healthy campuses: basic, merit and excellence. NSU has earned the excellence level for 2021.

Sara Swarer, coordinator of outreach and prevention for student affairs at NSU, said that the university is continuously working on health-promoting programs and projects on campus.

“We have in the past year been working on finalizing construction to a lactation station in the University Center,” Swarer said about one of these projects. “This has been in the works for years as it helps support families with small children, especially at events or even while attending classes. Hopefully down the road we will be able to support having one in all of our high traffic buildings.”

Students, faculty and staff on campus also play an important role in maintaining healthy campus procedures and initiatives.

“Be active and support the measures already in place with the Tobacco Free campus. Also tell your supervisors or myself things that you would like to see happen on campus to better the community,” Swarer said regarding what campus community members can do to contribute to NSU’s status as a healthy campus.

Certified Healthy Campus was created in 2011 to promote health and wellness in educational communities by recognizing post-secondary campuses and technology centers. The annual Certified Healthy Oklahoma event will be held virtually on June 24.

For information about the NSU Healthy Campus committee, visit https://www.nsuok.edu/Administration/Committees/HealthyCampus.aspx/. 

For more information about the Certified Healthy Campus program, visit https://certifiedhealthyok.com/campus.