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Quad State

Future NSU RiverHawks from Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri & Texas Can Apply for Resident Tuition

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Northeastern State University is a place where we help you turn your dreams into a career. Here, we'll introduce you to friends you'll keep for a lifetime and help you discover your passion.

NSU prepares students for a broad spectrum of careers in Business, Education, Science and Health as well as Criminal Justice, Cyber Security, Counseling, Music, Political and Social Sciences to name a few.

Our Quad State Scholarship program waives 100% of out-of-state tuition when living on campus.

Graduate students that choose to live off campus can apply for 80% of their out-of-state tuition to be waived.

On-line graduate degrees are available to non-resident scholars for only $1 over the in-state graduate tuition rate.

Students beyond AR, KS, MO, & TX can apply for 50% of their out-of-state tuition to be waived. You belong here!

  • 4th Largest Four-Year Public Institution in Oklahoma
  • 300+ Opportunities to Study Abroad in More than 50+ Countries
  • 170+ Businesses Send Recruiters to NSU Each Year

*Quad State Scholarships are not available to students studying Optometry or in the Physician's Assistant program.

It starts with a simple request for information below. If you are ready for the next step - Apply Today!