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NSU Centurions


The Centurion

Adapted from the word "centurion," the commander of a century (100 men) in the Roman army, the Northeastern State University Centurion is an individual whose leadership and commitment, in the course of helping others, has allowed them to make a significant impact during the past 100 years of NSU history.


Dr. Sally Armstrong Tony Dearman Dr. Suzanne Farmer Gene Frusher
Dr. James and Hon. Rebecca Gore Dr. Justin Lindsey Henry McCabe Dr. Robyn Pursley
Dr. Ray Stearns Dr. Virginia Drywater-Whitekiller    


Dr. Barbara Abercrombie Jerry Adsit Dr. Harold Aldridge, Jr. Brenda Bradford
S. Joe Crittenden Dr. Charles Gourd Dr. James Buster Hall Robin Johnson
Dr. Mitch Ricketts Dr. Sue Woods


Mr. Ed Brocksmith Mr. Joe Byrd Ms. Anne Cottrill Mr. Mike Fine
Mr. Jack Kaufman Mr. Charles Seat Dr. Stephen E. Smith Dr. Vaud A. Travis
Dr. Hank Van Veen Mr. & Mrs. Scott & Tommye Wright    



Dr. Renée Cambiano Ms. Lynn Cyert Mr. Chuck Hoskin Ms. Barbara Fuller
Mr. John Lowe* Mr. Todd Mutzig Dr. Barbara Reed Mr. Lanny Reed
Mr. John Yeutter Ms. Judy Ziehr