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Inclement Weather Policy

Campus Closings Notifications

Decisions on whether and when to cancel classes or to close each of NSU's campuses will be made expeditiously to provide maximum notification time. Faculty, staff and students should check regional television and radio stations for notifications. Also, they should check on the NSU website (www.nsuok.edu) or the NSU general information phone number, 918-456-5511, for accurate and timely updates.

Faculty, Staff and Students

All Faculty, staff and students are reminded to use caution when traveling to and from campus. Do not put yourself at risk to reach work or classes. The safety of students and employees is the No. 1 priority when implementing the inclement weather policy.

It is the student, faculty and staff members responsibility to check the campus and public information sources to learn about campus closings or class cancellations when weather is questionable.

Faculty members are encouraged to be flexible regarding student absences related to severe weather.

Faculty members are obligated to hold classes if the university is not closed or classes are not canceled, unless the faculty member is unable to get to the campus.

Tahlequah Campus

Residential Students

Students are encouraged to exercise caution while driving during inclement weather.

Residential halls will remain open even though class and administrative offices may be closed.

Meal options and service times for residential students may be limited during campus closing periods. The Housing Department staff will notify campus residents of meal times and options.

In the case of power outages, university police and the Housing Department will assist students to designated locations. Residential students should be in contact with residence advisors and hall managers for guidance.

Library Services

The library will be closed during campus closing periods. Students may enter the Webb building 24-hours each day with their student ID card to access the library's electronic resources.

Fitness Center

The Fitness Center will remain open during normal operational hours.

University Center

The University Center will be open during campus closed periods for residential student meals and student recreational options.

Emergency Needs

University Police Department is available to students during campus closing periods. Dial campus police for emergencies.

Tahlequah campus police: 918-444-2468 or ext. 2468
Broken Arrow campus police: 918-449-6248 or ext. 6248
Muskogee campus police: 918-444-5010 or ext. 5010

All campuses buildings and grounds services will be operational 24-hours each day.

Facilities employees will be scheduled to work to keep sidewalks clear and safe, using accessible routes, during campus closing or class cancellation periods. During class cancellations and campus closings, other maintenance employees will be scheduled to provide additional routine services, including heat, light and emergency repairs. Buildings and grounds employees are expected to report to work for their normal shifts.