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Committee: University Curriculum



All tenured and tenure-track faculty are eligible with the exception of department chairs, assistant deans, associate deans, and deans. Voting members include the following:

  • Two tenured or tenure track faculty representatives from each academic college, who serve as curriculum
    coaches. Faculty members are appointed by the dean.
  • Two student representatives, one undergraduate and one graduate. The undergraduate student representative is appointed by NSGA. The graduate student representative is appointed by the Dean of the Graduate College
  • One representative from the Faculty Council;
  • One representative from the Graduate Council; and
  • One library representative
  • Representative from the Registrar’s office, non-voting ex officio
  • Representative from Academic Affairs office non-voting ex officio

The chair of the curriculum committee will serve a two-year term. At the end of the service term, the chair will be replaced by the vice chair.


This committee reviews and considers curriculum requests for new courses and programs, as well as revisions to courses and programs. It also serves as an advisory committee for issues related to policies and procedures impacting instructional programs. Additional information regarding roles, responsibilities, and operating procedures are detailed in the committee guideline document. This committee reports to the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs.


The committee will meet once monthly according to the schedule published in the Academic Calendar. Additional meetings may be called if necessary.

Committee Members