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Committee: University Academic Advising


The members of the University Advising Committee consists of advisors representing each academic college, the University Advising Center, the Broken Arrow Advising Center, and the Muskogee Advising Center. The committee will be chaired by the Executive Director of the University Advising Center, who will also be a voting, ex officio member.  The committee will also include either the Associate Dean or Assistant Dean from College of Liberal Arts, College of Education, College of Business & Technology, as well as the GWCSHP Pre Professional Health Advisor, the Broken Arrow Director of Student Affairs, and representatives from the Chair Council, Staff Council, and Faculty Council.  The Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs/Enrollment is a non-voting ex officio member.


The purpose of the committee is to ensure high quality advising experiences for all students through the Duel-Shared Advising model (NACADA, 2012). It also ensures that all advising processes (e.g., communication, manuals, training, etc.) are updated and accurate each year and that the best interests of students are at the forefront of all decisions and daily operations. The Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs/Enrollment will serve as an ex officio member. The committee reports to the Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs and Student Affairs.


The committee will meet three to four times a year or quarterly, or more often as determined by the committee.

2021-2022 Committee Members

Ms. Julia Carlo, Chair, ex officio
Executive Director, University Advising Center

Dr. Lisa Bisogno
COE Associate or Assistant Dean

Dr. Dilene Crockett
CBT Associate or Assistant Dean
Ms. Michelle Farris
University Advisor (MU)

Dr. Hector Gonzalez
GWCSHP Pre Professional Health Advisor

Ms. Araceli Goodrich
GWCSHP University Advisor 

Michael Hall
NSGA Representative

Mr. Adam Hull
University Advisor (BA)

Dr. Kelly Jo Larsen, ex officio 
Asst. VP for Student Affairs, Enrollment

Ms. Kendra Mouse
University Advisor 

Mr. Tomas Rink
Faculty Council Representative

Mr. Mark Shields
Director, BA Student Affairs

Dr. Audell Shelburne
CLA Associate or Assistant Dean 

Ms. Danielle Smith
COLA University Advisor

Ms. Kacie Thompson
COE Academic Advisor 

Dr. Tobi Thompson
Chairs Council Representative

Ms. Marti Winters
CBT Academic Advisor 

Staff Council Representative