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Committee: Teacher Education Council


The membership of the Teacher Education Council includes the following: The Dean of the College of Education who serves as chair person; Associate / Assistant Deans for the College of Education, one representative from each undergraduate and graduate educator preparation program, Director of Clinical Education, Teacher Certification Coordinator; one undergraduate student majoring in a teacher education area; one graduate student majoring in an educator preparation area; one public school administrator, and one public school teacher.


The committee provides oversight, guidance, and direction for the university’s educator preparation programs and ensures that all programs comply with teacher certification standards and state and national standards for accreditation. The committee functions as an avenue for communication of new requirements and policies in teacher education. The committee approves all program changes for teacher education programs prior to being submitted to the Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee. The committee reports to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.


The committee meets in August, January and April of each year and at other meetings that are called by the chair as needed. Minutes are maintained in the College of Education and sent to the deans of each college and the Office of Academic Affairs.

2021-2022 Committee Members

Membership includes one representative from each teacher education program and other education partners

Dr. Vanessa Anton, Chair, ex officio
Dean, College of Education

Dr. Sally Armstrong
COE Undergraduate Teacher Ed. Professional Core

Dr. Alesha Baker
COE Library Media & Information Technology M.S.

Dr. Sherry Been
COE Elementary Education B.S.Ed.

Dr. Mary Waters-Bilbo
COE School Counseling M.S.

Dr. Lisa Bisogno, ex officio
COE Associate Dean

Dr. Diane Boze
COLA Art Education B.A.Ed.

Dr. Pamela Christol
CSHP Science Education

Dr. Dave Corcoran
COLA Social Studies Education B.A.Ed.

Ms. Rhea Fears, ex officio
COE Clinical Education Director

Ms. Tonya Garrett, ex officio
COE Assessment Director

Ms. Dee Gerlach
COE Health & Physical Education B.S.Ed.

Dr. Jarilyn Haney
COE Special Education Autism Spectrum Disorder M.Ed.

Ms. Kristin Korte
COE Special Education Mild/Moderate B.S.Ed.

Dr. Karl Kruczek
CSHP Math Education B.S.Ed.

Dr. James Lindroth
COLA Music Education B.M.E.

Dr. Martha Parrott
CSHP Math Education M.Ed.

Dr. Kimberly Phillips
COE Early Childhood Education M.Ed.

Dr. Sarah Ramsey
COE Reading M.Ed.

Dr. Christy Reed
COE Early Childhood Education B.S.Ed.

Dr. Paula Schornick
COE School Administration M.Ed.

Dr. Lara Searcy
COLA English Education B.A.Ed.

Dr. Candessa Tehee
COLA Cherokee Education B.A.Ed.

Dr. Tracy Thompson, ex officio
COE Assistant Dean

Dr. Arthur Wendorf
COLA Spanish Education B.A.Ed.

Other members on TEC:

Ms. Susan Bryant
GR Student Representative 

Ms. Lois Buttress
Coordinator, Teacher Certification

Ms. Rhea Fears
Director, Clinical Education

Ms. Katherine Fly
Public School Teacher

Ms. Nita Wright
Public School Administrator

Ms. Nikki Molloy
Public School Liaison

COE Academic Advisor (non-voting member)

UG Student Representative