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Committee: Retention


The Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management will chair the committee. Staff membership will include the Directors of University Advising, Housing, Athletics, Native American Support Center, Financial Aid, Admissions and Recruitment, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Assistant Director of Enrollment-BA, a Reach Higher Academic Advisor, the Bursar, a representative from Communications and Marketing and Staff Council.  Faculty Membership will include a faculty representative from each college that serves undergraduate students, the library, and Faculty Council.  Two (2) NSGA student representatives will serve on the committee.  The Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Dean of the Graduate College will serve as voting ex officio members. 


Mission: To facilitate university-wide dialogue and strategy development focused on coordinating student retention efforts and achieving persistence gains.

  • Vision:  To meet or exceed peer institutions’ persistence rates.
  • Strategic Initiative 1:  Create and revise institutional policies and procedures in collaboration with campus community as needed.
  • Strategic Initiative 2:  Advise the cabinet of potential barriers to student success and potential solutions to remove or reduce those barriers.
  • Strategic Initiative 3:  Promote success strategies and initiatives to the campus community. 


Meetings will be held monthly or more often as determined by the chair.

2021-2022 Committee Members

Dr. Kelly Jo Larsen, Chair
Student Affairs - AVP for Enrollment Management

Ms. Whitney Arbaugh
Director of Housing

Ms. Alicia Arnall

Tiffany Baker
NSGA Representative

Dr. Christiaan Bester
COLA Faculty Representative

Dr. Kelli Carney
COE Faculty Representative

Ms. Julia Carlo
Executive Director of University Advising

Mr. Matt Cochran
Director of Athletics

Dr. Teri Cochran
Director of Financial Aid

Ms. Michelle Farris
Reach Higher Academic Advisor

Dr. Pamela Fly, ex officio
Assoc. VP for Academic Affairs

Dr. Kendra Haggard
Replacement for the Assistant Director of Enrollment - BA

Dr. Michael Jones
Library Representative

Dr. Cari Keller, ex officio
Dean of the Graduate College

Mr. Brian Manley
Marketing & Communications Rep

Ms. Bobbi McKinney
Staff Council Representative

Dr. Brandon Miller
Director of Admission & Recruitment

Brooklyn Neff
NSGA Representative

Ms. Melody Proctor
Center for Tribal Studies Coordinator

Dr. Janette Quarles
GWCSHP Faculty Representative

Dr. Sheila Self
Asst. VP for Student Affairs

Dr. Tushar Shah
CBT Faculty Representative

Ms. Sarah Whittle
Faculty Council Representative