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Committee: Institutional Review Board


Five faculty members (one from each college), one member representing psychology, one non-scientist, one community member and the committee chair. The Dean of the Graduate College serves as a non-voting ex officio member and the Assistant Vice President for Research and Sponsored Programs serves as the Academic Affairs support person. Faculty representatives are appointed to the IRB for three (3) years (including the chair), on a staggered basis with replacement of one-third of the board each year. The chair will be appointed from the membership by the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs and must have had at least one year’s experience as a member of the IRB before appointment to the chair position. Members may serve two consecutive terms. The community member is appointed on a yearly basis and may be reappointed as necessary.


This committee serves as the Institutional Review Board for all research carried out by NSU faculty, staff and students. All research proposals involving human subjects are submitted to IRB prior to the initiation of such research for review or certification of exemption from 45CFR46 in compliance with federal law and regulations concerning protection of human subjects. The IRB has the authority to approve, require modifications or reject the proposed research. Expedited review of proposals may occur at the discretion of the committee chair. The IRB reviews each proposal in regard to risks to human subjects, selection of human subjects, informed consent, protection of privacy of subjects, confidentiality, and protection of the rights and welfare of at risk and vulnerable groups. This committee reports to the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs.


The committee meets monthly or as called by the chair. Minutes are sent to the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs

Committee webpage

2021-2022 Committee Members

Dr. Justin McBride, Chair (2024)
CLA Representative

Dr. Alesha Baker (2022)
COE Representative

Dr. Mark Giese
Community Member

Dr. Cari Keller, ex officio
Dean, Granduate College

Dr. Nicole Lasky (2024)
CLA Representative

Dr. Janaki Iyer (2023)
GWCSHP Representative

Dr. Jonathon Janzen (2022)
Optometry Representative

Dr. Arunkumar Madapusi (2022)
Non-Scientist, Health Care Administration (BA)

Dr. Elizabeth Melles (2023)
Psychology Representative

Dr. Nayyer Naseem (2024)
CBT Representative

Dr. Carla Swearingen
Academic Affairs Support Person