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One faculty member from each undergraduate college and one student appointed by the president of the honors student organization. The director of the Honors Program serves as chair of the council.  The Director of Development will serve as a non-voting ex officio member. 


The Honors Advisory Council serves as a liaison between the Honors Program and the colleges in regard to undergraduate research advisors and advisees; advises the director in current issues regarding the program; offers suggestions for program improvement; reviews transfer student applications and votes on incoming transfer students; and assists in maintaining integrity and quality in regard to the NSU Honors Program


The Council meets once a month as determined by the chair. Minutes are sent to the Office of Academic Affairs.

2021-2022 Committee Members

Dr. Karen Carey, Chair
Honors Program Director

Dr. Dustin Baucom
Faculty Member - GWCSHP

Ms. Peggy Glenn, ex officio
Director of Development

Dr. Lori Peterson
Faculty Member - CBT

Dr. Sophia Sweeney
Faculty Member - COE

Ms. Emily Tackel
Honors Program Student

Dr. Christopher Weaver
Faculty Member - CLA