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Committee: Healthy Campus


Faculty representatives form Health & Kinesiology, Nutritional Sciences, and Faculty Council.  Staff representatives from Staff Council, Human Resources, Student Affairs, Student Health Services, and Communications & Marketing.  Chaired by the Director of Recreation Facility who serves as a voting ex officio.


The purpose of the Health Campus committee is to contribute to the learning environment through focusing on empowering individuals to reach their full potential and take responsibility for themselves and others.  NSU Healthy Campus seeks to curb negative environmental influences and individual habits that hinder the cognition and social development of individuals on a college campus through three strategic initiatives:

  1. Building Awareness and Campus Support – Promote the Health Campus Initiative, services, and resources to stakeholders and member of the university community.
  2. Recruitment and Member Engagement – Recruit new members through partnerships across campus and strengthen membership engagement through retention strategies.
  3. Meeting Healthy Campus 2020 Standards – standards can be viewed at http://ww.acha.org/healthycampus


The Healthy Campus Committee meets every other month, as called by the chair.

2021-2022 Committee Members

Mr. Arron Edwards, Chair, ex officio
Director, Recreation Facility

Ms. Whitney Arbaugh
Student Affairs

Ms. Phyllis Chappelle
Human Resources

Ms. Sheila Fritts
 Health & Kinesiology

Ms. Jamie Hall
Staff Council Rep.

Ms. Amber Long
Nutritional Sciences

Ms. Wendy Middleton
Nutritional Sciences

Ms. Elizabeth Peterson
Comm. & Marketing

Ms. Sara Swarer
Student Health Services

Dr. Cheryl Van Den Handle
Faculty Council Rep.