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Committee: Graduate Council


One graduate faculty member from each graduate degree program and two graduate students selected by the Graduate Dean. Each academic college and the library shall have at least one representative member on the Council. The chair is elected by the membership. The term of office for members of the Graduate Council is based upon a three-year rotation. A Graduate Council member may be selected for two consecutive terms, but following the second term shall not be eligible to serve until after the lapse of an intervening year. The Graduate Dean serves as an ex officio member.


The Graduate Council acts upon graduate-level curricular matters that are referred to it by academic departments. The Graduate Council approves all program changes for graduate programs prior to submission to the Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee. The Graduate Council also approves all members of the graduate faculty. Other responsibilities of the Graduate Council include program planning, curricular control, student appeals, and policy-making for the Graduate College. Recommendations are made to the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs.


The Graduate Council meets monthly, if necessary, and as called by the chair. Minutes are maintained by the Dean of the Graduate College and sent to the Office of Academic Affairs.

2021-2022 Committee Members

Dr. Iain Anderson
American Studies

Dr. Alesha Baker
Library Media and Information Technology

Mr. Troy Bender
Physician Assistant Studies

Dr. Renee Cambiano
Instructional Leadership

Dr. Maria Christian
Higher Education Leadership

Dr. Pamela Christol
Science Education

Dr. Sydney Dorrough
Occupational Therapy

Dr. Anita Ede
Early Childhood

Dr. Sandra Edwards
MBA/ Professional MBA

Dr. Heather Fenton

Abby Resecker Fitzgerald
Graduate College Graduate Assistant

Dr. Brett Fitzgerald
Criminal Justice

Dr. Gary Freeman
Accounting & Financial Analysis, M.S.

Ms. Jarilyn Haney
Special Education/Autism Spectrum Disorder

Dr. Cari Keller, ex officio
Dean, Graduate College

Dr. Elizabeth Keller-Dupree

Dr. Moosong Kim 
Health & Kinesiology

Dr. Sean Kim
Natural Sciences

Ms. Brooke Klintworth
Speech Language Pathology

Jen Lowell
Graduate Student Representative

Dr. Chris Malone

Dr. Ingrid Massey

Dr. Wendi Middleton
Public Health

Dr. Martha Parrott
Mathematics Education

Dr. Paula Schornick
School Administration

Dr. Sydney Yueh
Communication Arts