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Committee: Banner Operations



Membership is comprised of Banner data owners and other representatives from administrative offices. Members are appointed by the appropriate Vice President / President or Faculty Council and represent each of the administrative offices listed below. The committee chair will be determined by a vote of the committee members at the first meeting of each fiscal year. No one individual may hold the Chair position more than two consecutive years. The Chief Information Officer will serve as a non-voting ex officio member.


The Banner Operations Committee acknowledges and accepts shared responsibility for the standardization, upgrade/maintenance support, adherence to data standards, systems, processes and development of policies and procedures for security of administrative data. The committee:

  • Encourages open communication and information sharing for issues, concerns, enhancements, and information that apply to functional offices, business processes, administrative systems, and data of Northeastern State University.
  • Serves as an advisory group pertaining to new administrative projects and systems that significantly impact functional offices and business processes of the University.
  • Coordinates institutional resources (primarily project scheduling and personnel) to implement, integrate, upgrade, secure, test and support administrative systems.
  • Reviews and prioritizes requests from the university community for enhancements of administrative systems to measure the impact of recommended changes on all areas.
  • Continually identifies, reviews, evaluates, and enhances training needs and opportunities provided to the University community.
  • Supports, implements, and communicates group decisions and policies to respective University departments and organizations


This committee meets monthly as necessary, but no less than once each quarter during the fiscal year. Minutes are sent to the Vice President for Administration and Finance.