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American Democracy Project and Civic Engagement



Representatives across campus including faculty, staff, NSGA, Athletics, and Herb Rozell Scholars (Big Event), and other student members. There is no term limit or limit to the number of members. All members have voting privileges. The chair is chosen by all members of the committee at the first meeting of the academic year.


NSU's goal is to graduate informed, engaged citizens. This committee works to integrate civic engagement into all aspects of NSU life through the following:

  1. Organize events and activities to support Constitution Day, September 17
  2. Support NSU's American Democracy Project by engaging faculty, staff, and students in civic engagement and social responsibility activities
  3. Initiate campus conversations about current political, social and university topics
  4. Identify university-wide goals related to student participation in civic engagement
  5. Work in collaboration with academic units to provide professional development support for faculty, staff, and students who engage with community
  6. Provide advice and input into institutional planning for community engagement
  7. Serve as a central communication hub for civic engagement activity occurring throughout campus, including voter registration efforts.


The committee meets three to four (3-4) times per year or as called by the Chair. Minutes are sent to the Office of Academic Affairs.