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Life FAQs

Life at NSU

NSU has a rich and proud history of serving students and the people of Oklahoma. Students choose NSU for a variety of reasons. For some it's close to home, while for others it's a chance to get away from home. Some choose NSU because we can help them achieve their career goals. Others choose NSU because of its beautiful campus, friendly atmosphere, or highly-regarded faculty. Finally, many choose NSU because of the value it offers. You can obtain a quality education, and all the other benefits listed here, without paying as much as at many other schools. We recommend you visit campus and see for yourself. Schedule a tour or call us at 918-444-4675 or toll-free 1-800-722-9614.

With over 100 student organizations on NSU's campus, you should have no problem finding one you will enjoy. Those organizations include anything from national fraternities and sororities, book clubs, political organizations, and almost every major has its own organization. There is definitely something for everyone at NSU. During the first week of classes in the fall you will be given the opportunity to learn about the different organizations that we have. During this time you can decide what would fit you best and get information on when they meet and what is expected of you as a member.

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