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General Information FAQs

How much is room and board at NSU?

For current rates on housing and meal plans visit Housing & Residence Life or contact the office at 918-444-4700. Housing options are only available on the Tahlequah campus.


Is there WiFi in all of the dorm rooms?

Wi-Fi is accessible in all residence halls for NSU residents. All rooms come with an ethernet connection box if residents wish to connect directly to the NSU network.


How is the food at NSU?

NSU's Tahlequah campus includes a variety of food options. In addition to our all-you-can-eat Market Cafe, the University Center food court includes a Chick-Fil-A, Senor Sabrosos (tex-mex), World of Wings, Freshens (smoothies and ice cream), and other healthy options. Flo's Coffee House is located on the third floor of the University Center. Housing venues include a Pizza Hut Express in Leoser Hall and the Clubhouse Grill in Seminary Suites.

On the Broken Arrow campus, the Hawk's Nest cafe provides hot and cold sandwiches, soup, chips, drinks, and proudly brews Starbuck's coffee.

There is no food service on the Muskogee campus, but several restaurants less than a mile from campus.

For more information visit Dining Services.


Will all of my classes be within walking distance or should I think about purchasing a bicycle?

All of your classes will definitely be within walking distance. You can get anywhere on NSU's campuses on foot within 10 minutes.


What do I do if my roommate and I are incompatible?

If at any point throughout the year you don't feel comfortable with your living situation, all residents are encouraged to speak to their Resident Assistant and work through all conflicts. If no further solution is found, a resident may file a Room Change Request through the Office of Housing & Residence Life. Requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Does NSU Have a fitness center on campus?

In Tahlequah, the RiverHawk Wellness Center is open to all students, faculty, staff and community members. Currently enrolled students, faculty and staff may access the wellness center free of charge. Memberships for community members and families are available for a small monthly fee.


I didn't qualify for work-study. Can I still find a job on campus?

We have jobs that don't require you to have financial need. They are called institutional jobs and you can secure one the same as you would any other job. Check out Handshake to learn which offices are hiring and apply. There is a job board in the financial aid office and can be found on the Student Financial Services website.


I want to play sports. How do I get in contact with a coach from NSU?

The best way to contact a NSU coach is to have your high school coach contact our coaching staff. You may also schedule an appointment with an NSU coach yourself by calling 800-722-9614, ext. 3900.


What is done by the campus police to ensure a safe campus after dark?

After dark, we have foot patrol on campus, Kawasaki Mule patrol, along with our normal vehicle patrol. We schedule two officers per shift and, adding the reserve staff, could have up to six officers on duty at one time. The officers monitor the lighting on campus as well. When lights are out we report them and have them repaired as soon as possible. We also have emergency (blue light) phones on campus. If you need more information, please call university police at 918-444-2468.


How can I get information about NSU?

You can request information online or by emailing nsuinfo@nsuok.edu. We strongly advise that you do not include your social security number in emails because it is a security risk.


I would like to get involved in campus activities. Will I be able to find an organization that I will like?

With over 100 student organizations at NSU, you should have no problem finding one you will enjoy. Those organizations include anything from national fraternities and sororities, book clubs, political organizations, and almost every major has its own organization. There is definitely something for everyone at NSU. During the first week of classes in the fall, you will be given the opportunity to learn about the different organizations that we have. During this time you can decide what would fit you best and get information on when they meet and what is expected of you as a member.


Can I take a tour of the campus?

Yes, schedule a tour online or call 800-722-9614 ext. 4675.


When do I get my student email address?

Freshmen receive their student user ID at the Freshman Connections orientation. Transfer and graduate students receive this information with their acceptance letter. This user ID acts not only as your email address, but your login name to all of the campus computers and many of NSU's online programs such as Blackboard and other web services.


Questions about your NSU Account?

Contact Bursar Services for questions about your NSU account.


Can I make a payment to my NSU Account online?

You can make payments to your NSU Account online by logging in to goNSU.


I need to verify/change my mailing address with NSU. Can I do this online?

Log in to goNSU (requires a NSU username and password) and select either the Student or Employee page and look for the “Personal Information” portal.