UPC/Cabinet Meeting June 13 2012

Notes from joint UPC/Cabinet Meeting June 13 2012
prepared by Dave Kern 

The focus of the meeting was on the University Action Project proposals submitted to the University
Planning Council in April and May. Our next meeting will be scheduled for September, with a follow-up
in November – dates to be determined.

University Action Project Proposals – summary of discussions/actions:

  • HLC Open Pathways/AQIP Coordinator: There was very strong support for moving forward with the proposal to fund a part time faculty position, providing release time with a potential stipend. Funding would be in the cost of adjuncts for 4 preparations for 2012 fall and 2013 spring semesters. The Cabinet had discussed the need for this position relative to new HLC Institution Open Pathways or AQIP requirements, and the benefits associated with a continuous improvement process. This project will evolve in the fall as requirements are determined and support needs identified, which may require a support team (configuration to be determined).It was recognized that the position needs to be established in order to prepare a detailed plan. ACTION: Recommend action by the Cabinet as soon as practical to establish this position with the expectation that a plan will be prepared in the fall for a review in November.

  • Degrees of Excellence (NSU Red Balloon Project): The project will impact a number of organizations, faculty and students, and has implications for HLC Assessment Academy and other future assessment requirements. The consensus was to ask for more specific information relative to the project actions, need for resources/support, and benefits. It may be appropriate to get input from key stakeholder groups prior to a review by the UPC and Cabinet. Tentatively,this will be scheduled for the November meeting of the UPC, subject to progress by the Red Balloon Project team. ACTION: Defer review until specific actions and requirements are developed (tentatively November)

  • Electronic Portfolio: This proposal supports the Degrees of Excellence project, and was accompanied by clear and comprehensive action plans and support information. The consensus was that a decision on this project requires two elements. First, is the completion of the Degrees of Excellence proposal. The second is review with and feedback from key stakeholder groups. ACTION: Defer review until the November meeting (tentative).

  • BA International Student Support Plan: This proposal is to add a position at the BA campus to support expected increase in international students. The discussion indicated that this proposal should be considered as an element of a broader Enrollment Management Plan that should include expansion of international student enrollment. ACTION: Develop a bigger, broader Enrollment Management Plan, including International (Cabinet leadership).

  • An integrated calendar NSU & local events: In 2011, a team was formed to explore ideas to support Goal 6, Improving Quality of Life by serving as a cultural and entertainment center for the university and the region. The result was a proposal for a fully integrated university and community calendar. A similar concept has been explored by University Relations and/or Information Technology. The Council for Student Improvement may be interested in participating. Additional coordination is required. ACTION: Dave Kern will contact Jerry Cook,Kevin Taylor, Melissa Mahan, and Kin Thompson to coordinate efforts and determine the feasibility of an integrated calendar, or other improvements. Follow-up review in the fall.

  • Establishment of a Speakers Bureau:A similar concept did not receive faculty support a few years ago. Several participants noted that this is going on anyway, and are unclear as to the benefit that will accrue to the university. Others expressed a real interest in the idea as a way to increase exposure for the university. The concerns over faculty support and impact suggest that the faculty council (and, potentially, staff council) take ownership for this project. ACTION: Dave Kern will discuss the proposal with Denise Deason-Toyne and Amanda Chappelle

Attendees: Olaf Standley, Christy Landsaw, Jerrett Phillips, Alyssa Buckley, Matt Cochran, Martin
Venneman, Kathleen Reese, Deb Hyde, Pamela Louderback, Michelle Welch, Tim Foutch, David Koehn,
Steve Turner, Melissa Mahan (for Laura Boren), Janet Bahr, Dave Kern