Create a NSU Civic Engagement Council

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Project Name & Goal(s) Supported Action Project Leader Projected Completion Date Additional Budget Required Progress Toward Completion
Create a NSU Civic Engagement Council
Goal: 4 - Encourage and nourish a commitment to civic engagement by our students, our faculty and our staff.
Classification A: No Added Funds Required
Laura Boren   2012: Pending
2013: Pending
2014: Pending
Initial Stage

I. Brief Description & Significant Changes in Plans (if any):

The purpose of the council is to strategically integrate civic engagement through:

  1. Aligning institution civic engagement efforts to Carnegie Community Engagement Classification criteria.
  2. Identifying University-wide goals related to % of students who participate in civic engagement while at NSU.
  3. Develop University student learning objective(s) linked to civic engagement.
  4. Create systematic campus-wide tracking or documentation mechanisms to record and/or track engagement with the community.
  5. Develop systematic campus-wide assessment mechanisms to measure the impact of institutional engagement.
  6. Provide professional development support for faculty, staff, and students who engage with community.
  7. Provide the community with a central outlet for a “voice” or role for input into institutional or departmental planning for community engagement.
  8. Serve as a central communication hub for civic engagement activity occurring throughout campus.

II. Team Members:

NSU Civic Engagement Council consisting of representative from the American Democracy Project, Student Affairs - Center for Student Leadership and Community Engagement, each academic college, Futures Institute, Herb Rozell Scholars (Big Event), NSGA, and Housing - Living-Learning Community on Civic Engagement, Continuing Education and Athletics. Local community civic leaders and interested campus community members beyond the identified representatives will be encouraged to serve on the council.

III. Major milestones/actions over the last 3-6 months:

The President’s Cabinet approved the proposed Civic Engagement Council membership.

IV. Planned major milestones or actions over the next 6 months:

The NSU Civic Engagement Council first meeting will occur January 2012. The Council will focus institutional efforts on evaluating programs and services in order to strategically plan for the 2015 Carnegie Community Engagement Classification. The outcome of the Spring 2012 semester will be the completion of institutional review of existing programs and services targeting civic engagement. The next phase will identify program and service gaps that need to be addressed in order to qualify for the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification.