Fall 2014: Enrollment Information

The date you are eligible to enroll is based on the number of hours you have completed. Enrollment begins at midnight on the first day of each of the scheduled enrollment periods below (unscheduled maintenance may temporarily interrupt service). You may register on or after your scheduled time but not before. All new and returning students must contact Enrollment Services for academic advisement and enrollment assistance.

Enrollment via goNSU

Hours Completed Classification Advising Enroll Beginning
  Special, Post-Master,
Post Graduate, Graduate
Prior to March 24 March 24
90 or more Senior Prior to March 24 March 24
60 to 89 Junior Prior to March 31 March 31
59 or less Sophomore, Continuing Freshman Prior to April 7 April 7

Students must meet with or talk to their advisor prior to enrolling each semester.

Transfer Students

New transfer students will enroll through appointment only. Students will be notified of their enrollment options through their letter of acceptance.

Enrollment During Late Enrollment Period

Students who are unable to enroll before classes begin may enroll during late enrollment. There is a $10 charge for late enrollment.