University Planning Council

Membership: Membership of 25-30 people representing various areas across campus: At least one representative from each college, one representative from each Vice President’s area ,one representative from the library, administrative representation including each Vice President and branch campus administrators, one student appointed by the Northeastern Student Government Association, and two representatives from the Faculty Council.

Faculty Council Rep: Dr. Ernst Bekkering
Faculty Council Rep: Ms. Susan Woitte
NSGA Rep: Joey Wells

Function: This committee will monitor the progress of the strategic planning process on campus. Strategic planning applies to the University as a whole and to each operational element within the university. This committee will provide the overall framework and direction for individual unit strategic plans that address each of the key success factors. The goal is to develop a comprehensive strategic plan that assures a more efficient and effective planning process for Northeastern State University. 

Meetings: At least once each semester and as called by the chair. Minutes should be sent to the President and each Vice-President.

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