Institutional Animal Care and Use

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Membership: Ten members made up as follows: six faculty members to include one scientist with laboratory animal research experience and one non-scientist (three appointed each year for two year terms); director of the bioscience research facility; a local attending veterinarian, two community members (with no institutional affiliation). The Dean of the College of Science and Health Professions is an ex officio member.

Function: This committee functions in compliance with the USDA and Public Health Service (PHS) regulation requiring all institutions using federal funds to carry out research or teaching that involves the use of live, warm-blooded vertebrate animals to have a standing Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). The roles of the University Animal Welfare Committee are to ensure the ethical use and sensitive care of animals utilized in research and teaching, to monitor the use of animals in teaching activities as specified by USDA regulations, review all research projects proposed for PHS support, and evaluate institutional facilities used in the housing of animals. The activities of the Animal Welfare Committee also conform to the “University Policy Regarding the Use of Dead Animals and/or Dead Animal Parts” (1984). This committee reports to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Meetings: At least twice a year. Minutes should be sent to the Dean of Science and Health Professions, the Director of the Bioscience Research Facility, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

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