Student Learning and Assessment

Membership: Representation from each college and the Graduate College including faculty representatives, college Student Learning Coordinators (ex officio), one student appointed by the Northeastern Student Government Association, and the NSU Director of Institutional Research (ex-officio). The committee chair is appointed by the Provost or President’s office.

NSGA Rep: Mr. Ethan Hayman

Function: This committee monitors the four-level assessment program at Northeastern State University and makes recommendations for changes in the assessment program. This committee is also involved in sharing results of assessment on campus and developing action plans to use assessment results for the improvement of education at NSU. The committee serves as a resource to academic units regarding assessment activities. This committee reports to the Provost / Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Meetings: The committee typically meets twice per semester or more frequently if required. Minutes are sent to the Provost’s office for campus dissemination / distribution.

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