Strategic Plan Spring 2011: Strategic Goal 7

Develop and manage the resources of the university to support a vibrant and viable community.

Team Members:

  • Tim Foutch, Chair
  • David Koehn
  • Denise Deason-Toyne 

Our institutional goals will be enhanced through effectively managing our resources. This will be accomplished by committing to the development of our faculty and staff, combining efficiency and environmental responsibilities, developing our physical and technical infrastructure, significantly increasing the resource base, and committing to a university-wide environment which promotes customer-driven, quality programs.

This goal represents a significant challenge in light of declining state funding, dynamic changes in technology, and a history of deferred maintenance. The near term requires programs addressing quality, customer service, efficiency and prioritization. Major funding campaigns are essential for the long term achievement of the university's mission and vision.

An institution committed to creating a growing, vibrant, sustainable university community:

  • Achieves sustainable student populations at all campuses.
  • Creates and maintains physical campus environments that are distinctive in form, function and design. The university master plan provides the roadmap for building the physical resources to support the mission and vision, while acting as a model of sustainability.
  • Maintains the technological resources to support learning and discovery.
  • Establishes processes to achieve internal efficiencies for targeted reallocation of existing resources and optimal use of new resources which will allow us to adapt to the changing economic and market conditions, while maintaining our commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • Develops targeted programs for all stakeholders to increase financial resources, and support the mission and vision of the university. 

Priority 1

Upgrade technology resources

  • Action 1: Review IT as part of comprehensive needs assessment
  • Action 2: Identify, purchase and install ERP system