Strategic Plan Spring 2011: Strategic Goal 5

Develop an environment which encourages global knowledge and cultural sensitivity.

Team Members:

  • Chuck Ziehr, Chair
  • Andrew Vassar
  • Doug Penisten
  • Paul Westbrook
  • Richard Carhart
  • Deborah Landry
  • Renee Cambiano
  • Jeff Lowenthal 

In order to prepare our students to experience success in an increasingly globalized world, we must provide opportunities that promote an understanding of the interconnectedness and interdependence of human and environmental processes around the world. Global literacy will provide our students with an international perspective that enables them to respond more effectively to challenges and engage in opportunities.

Cultural sensitivity not only requires global knowledge but also the ability to view a situation from diverse perspectives and to communicate and interact appropriately and effectively with people from different cultures.

An institution that embraces a global knowledge and cultural sensitivity:

  • Increases numbers and diversity of international students at Northeastern State;
  • Provides opportunities for international learning and travel opportunities and funding for Northeastern State students, faculty, and staff;
  • Encourages campus conversations regarding international current events explored from multi-cultural perspectives;
  • Incorporates global knowledge and cultural sensitivity into the curriculum and co-curricular opportunities;
  • Uses technology to connect the campus community more fully with the world;
  • Creates and nourishes exchanges between Northeastern State and international institutions;
  • Plans and supports campus events that feature diverse cultures;
  • Uses opportunities within the United States to experience multi-cultural communities;
  • Develops awareness of the interconnectedness of global systems and the importance of developing sustainable solutions to human and environmental problems;
  • Recognizes contributions by international faculty—tenure track, non-tenure track, and Fulbright scholars;
  • Recruits ethnically and racially diverse students, faculty, and staff. 

Priority 1

Establish a coordinated and institutionalized effort toward globalization
Create opportunities for NSU students, faculty and staff to engage in global cross-cultural communication and collaboration.

  • Action 1: Inventory current globalization activities
  • Action 2: Engage in international student recruiting activities
  • Action 3: Fund and encourage faculty to participate in CIEE faculty development seminar