Strategic Plan Spring 2011: Strategic Goal 4

Encourage and nourish a commitment to civic engagement by our students, our faculty and our staff.

Team Members:

  • Laura Boren, Chair
  • Randy Shelton
  • Tim McElroy
  • Pamela Louderback 

Civic engagement at Northeastern State University is individual commitment to act on one's obligation to the larger community. This is achieved by taking personal and social responsibility through study, reflection and necessary action in our individual fields of interest and in our communities. Civic engagement requires working together collaboratively with civility toward a common purpose to create positive change.

Civic engagement, in the Northeastern State community, can be defined as demonstrating these attributes: moral and ethical leadership, concern for the rest of the world, awareness of social, political, and economic issues within the United States and globally, advocacy for a cause, active community support and a commitment to "making place matter."

An institution that embraces a commitment to civic engagement:

  • Integrates service learning in academic curriculum;
  • Encourages and supports volunteering in programs or activities that benefit others;
  • Addresses needs of the communities it serves;
  • Develops and nourishes co-curricular programs, drawing attention to and awareness of local, national and global issues;
  • Contributes to community development by identifying and increasing human resources and economic assets of a community;
  • Mobilizes students to influence public policy through voting and political participation;
  • Encourages and supports scholarly activity that serves public interest resulting in community or societal benefits. 

* Priorities to be identified in 2011-2012