Strategic Plan Spring 2011: Strategic Goal 1

Develop a culture of learning and discovery throughout the university.

Team Members

  • Janet Bahr, Chair
  • Martin Venneman
  • Christee Jenlink
  • Tim Foutch
  • Sheila Collins
  • Joe Spence
  • Mark Giese
  • Phyllis Fife
  • Tom Jackson

The two components of the Culture of Learning and Discovery are inextricably bound (interwoven). Together, these two components form the basis for developing intellectual inquiry on a university campus. Learning implies that each of us at Northeastern State is interested in promoting learning among all individuals within the university community (not just students). It also implies that learning is an important investment for Northeastern State and that we all have a personal interest in the success of learners (including student success, faculty success and staff success). Discovery is multifaceted and relies not only on traditional research, but also takes the forms of basic, applied, action research, synergistic experiences, observational opportunities and community oriented service.

An institution that embraces a Culture of Learning and Discovery

  • Focuses on student learning outcomes;
  • Inspires individuals to become lifelong learners;
  • Provides excellent curricular and co-curricular programs that meet student, community, and/or state needs;
  • Encourages creativity and innovation in solving real world problems;
  • Provides an investment in human potential/capital for students, faculty, staff, and administrators;
  • Promotes intellectual inquiry (discovery/scholarship) using a teacher/scholar model;
  • Fosters excellence through continuous quality improvement, transformative learning, best practices, accreditation, and impeccable integrity;
  • Recruits, retains and graduates students from diverse settings;
  • Sets academic priorities which foster growth and vitality of the region and state;
  • Develops various teaching/learning modalities and schedules to accommodate a variety of student learning needs;
  • Provides a comfortable, clean and safe learning environment that supports technology.

Priority 1

Academic Prioritization/Reallocation
Evaluation of all Academic Programs and begin evaluation of University Support Services for possible reallocation to support growth, achieve internal efficiencies, and strategically invest for optimal use of new resources.

  • Action 1: Support Gen Ed, Advising/Counseling and Career Services
  • Action 2: Create College for Extended Learning
  • Action 3: Student Retention and Enrollment
    Define the strategies and resource allocations needed to improve student retention and graduation rates; define and target strategies for enrollment growth at our three campuses. Strategically connect resource growth to enrollment growth.

Priority 2

Teaching, Learning and Assessment Support
Reorganize and enhance support for teaching, learning, and assessment efforts on campus.

  • Action 1: Join HLC Assessment Academy
  • Action 2: Add Student Learning Outcomes Coordinators in every College
  • Action 3: Reorganize Center for Teaching/Learning
  • Action 4: Incorporate Making Place Matter to Academics

Priority 3

Recruit and Retain Diverse, Qualified Faculty/Staff
Recruit and retain a diverse, highly qualified faculty and staff, becoming a recognized employer of choice in compensation and resources.

  • Action 1: Benchmark compensation and identify funds needed for FY2012 salary adjustments
  • Action 2: Diversify Staff and Faculty by reviewing recruiting, and hiring practices campus culture

Priority 4

Native American/Indigenous Cultures Center
Continue progress toward creation of a recognized (international) center for the study of Native American and Indigenous Cultures and Languages.

  • Action 1: Identify and coordinate existing resources
  • Action 2: Solidify Community Partnerships
  • Action 3: Identify and Engage (Inter)National Partners