Strategic Plan Spring 2011: Message from the President

I am pleased to introduce the NSU Strategic plan, Charting the Second Century. This document is the result of countless hours of diligent, spirited, collaborative work involving many faculty, staff, and students across the university. It is the defining blueprint for NSU’s direction for the next 5 years. Appreciation and applause has been rightfully won by so many. Thank you.

Our focus has been to imagine what the university shall and should become, to define how and where we will expend our energies and resources so that our efforts enhance lives and improve communities for another century. The foundations have been deliberately anchored in NSU’s articulated values, mission and vision. From these anchors we set out to create and sustain learning opportunities that prepare our graduates for success in an environment of challenge, ambiguity, opportunity and continuing change.

This defining document is the product of a protracted, university-wide planning process that will continue via the University Planning Council (UPC). As the successor to our original University Planning Group (UPG) and the President’s Council, the UPC will monitor progress and process, recommend direction corrections when needed, and serve as an effective connection between the university community and the plan’s continuing fulfillment.

I encourage you to review this plan, to understand the premises upon which it is based and to collaborate in the fulfillment of its promise. If NSU is able to realize its expressed intention and cultivate and establish the culture of learning and discovery, it will rightfully take its place as a successor to the visionaries who established the Cherokee Seminaries, founded the Normal School and looked to the future to see their aspirations fulfilled.

Through the diligent efforts, insights, and devotion of so many, we will be living the promise articulated over 160 years ago, and growing the next generation of citizens and leaders to serve this region and far beyond.

Don Betz