UPG Committee Minutes


Northeastern State University
University Planning Group
Minutes: May 8, 2009 Meeting

Scheduled Time: 2:00-3:30 p.m.

Locations: NET 614 (originating), (ITV) BA-B226, (ITV) SYN 220


  • Amend/Approve Minutes
  • Mission/Vision/Values Task Group: Review preliminary feedback from the University Assembly and emails; set review schedule - Christee Jenlink/Task Group
  • Information/Assessment/Accountability Task Group: Report and actions - Tom Jackson
  • Academic Priorities Process Review Task Group: Report and actions - Martin Venneman
  • Feedback from units informing the plan (June1 & October 1 due dates) - Dave Kern
  • New Business
  • Future meetings: Mission, Vision, Values Review/Approval: June 17 - discuss and confirm; July meeting: July 22 - discuss and confirm; August meeting: Week of August 17-21

Actions Taken

  • The meeting was called to order at 2:07 p.m.
  • Minutes from last meeting, Motion to accept, seconded, all in favor.

Reports and Notes

  • Mission, Vision and Values: There was an open discussion of the Mission, Vision and Values statements relative to the comments received at the University Assembly, through the UPG email site, and input from UPG members and Dr. Betz. The input received from these sources either supported the proposed Focused Mission, Vision and Values, or suggested relatively minor changes. UPG members were encouraged by Dave Kern and Christee Jenlink to identify any concerns, issues and suggestions. The objective of the discussion was to ensure that the members had an opportunity to provide input in detail prior to making a final recommendation, which will be reviewed with the cabinet prior to the next UPG meeting.
    • Several alternatives to the draft focused mission statement were discussed, including replacing "empower individuals" with "prepare and inspire students", and adding "and leaders" following "global citizens." There was no strong support for the suggested changes, with the possible exception of replacing "individuals" with "students."
    • The vision statement presented at the University Assembly was the one-sentence version approved by the UPG at the April meeting. Dr. Bigbee noted that the task group had worked on an alternative after the April meeting, which is: "We will be the educational institution of choice for students and the partner of choice for others in eastern Oklahoma by embracing the challenges and opportunities of those we serve. We will lead educational, economic and cultural transformation". Another version added ""building sustainable communities" to the vision ("We will be the educational partner of choice in NE Oklahoma embracing the challenges and opportunities of building sustainable communities in a global society."). A number of the members noted that the addition of "sustainable" to the vision significantly changed the direction of the vision statement. Although no vote was taken on this addition, a number of members voiced concern over the value of including the addition. Several members noted that the word "educational" prior to "partner" may be limiting; however, there continues to be no consensus on this issue.
    • Dr Betz recommended the following order for the values: Integrity, Excellence, Creativity, Leadership, Collaboration. There was full support for the Leadership statement, which had been an issue at the April meeting. The servant leadership concept is at the core of this value.
    • The next step is to publish the several versions of the focused mission and vision, and request written input from the UPG membership prior to a joint meeting of the task group and the cabinet (scheduled June 2). A final proposal will be reviewed at the June 17 UPG meeting.
  • Information, Assessment, Accountability Task Group – Tom Jackson:
    • tand ready to serve. Taken charge seriously, once requested will expand the group providing support and guidance to anyone who asks.
    • Dave Kern identified a need to tie mission, vision and values into objectives and action plans incorporating meaningful measurements and/or milestones.
    • Tom Jackson - Charge is to assist that transition, they are ready to go with that. There are a couple of different processes going on including Higher Learning Commission, UPG, Strategic Plan driving.
    • Tom Jackson stated that the task group could present models at a summer or fall meeting, including specific kinds of assessment data that needs to be used for each value and subsequent goals and objectives.
    • [Note that the Information/Assessment/Accountability Task Group could play a strong role in working with the Academic Priorities Task Group in identifying information deficiencies and determining alternatives to correct those deficiencies in a timely manner.]
  • Academic Priorities/Process – Janet Bahr:
    • Met 4 times, first was organizational, identify best practices out there. Second meeting, looked at how to categorize various pieces of data that would help us determine academic priorities employing 6 categories.
    • Worked on defining information under each category, still in process of refining that. Next meeting is June 22nd, looking to determine what information and strategy for figuring costs. Our state does not have refined method to determine cost per program, they determine based upon zip codes. Data will be provided to programs.
    • There was substantial discussion over the timing and process involved in the development and ongoing review of academic priorities, and the integration with the strategic planning process, the HLC accreditation process, and budgets "post-stimulus."
    • Criteria development and accurate information were identified as critical aspects of the Academic Priorities Process. Tom Jackson emphasized the importance of collaboration between the Information and Academic Priorities task groups. Mark Kinders noted that value of the SCUP program scheduled for mid-June (SCUP = Society for College and University Planning). The SCUP program offers insight into best practices and benchmarking.
  • Plans to review input from academic and administrative units – Dave Kern:
    • The units and subunits are preparing a report on actions taken in support of the University Strategic Plan. The templates are due from the units by June 1, and will provide important input to the planning process. The unit plans to be completed by October 1 will provide additional input. The steering committee will provide a recommendation for evaluating these inputs to inform the strategic planning and review process. The initial plan is to use a task group or groups in the process. Expected timing to complete the reviews - end of fall semester. relative to strategic plan and identify areas of change priorities for the Spring.
    • Mark Kinders: HLC is driver for us. They want to see strategic plan tied to values. They will analyze and come to UPG and tell us what to fix. Not simply a report, but critiquing the institution to make Strategic Plan effective.
    • Tom Jackson: Final drafts from task groups of HLC by November 1, 2010. Early 2010 we may have more information. They will provide interim reports, HLC website reports and minutes posted.
  • Future Meeting:
    • June 17, Wednesday, at 9 AM (Morgan Room, University Center)
    • July 22, Wednesday, at 9 AM (NET 621 & BA-B226)
    • August - ? Will decide at June meeting

The meeting was adjourned at 3:08 p.m.

Members in attendance: April Adams, Janet Bahr, Dalton Bigbee, Laura Boren, Jym Brittain, Sue Catron, Kim Cherry, Craig Clifford, Sheila Collins, Denise Deason-Toyne, Nancy Garber, Ed Huckeby, Tom Jackson, Christee Jenlink, Dave Kern (chairperson), Mark Kinders, Pamela Louderback,Tim McElroy, Joe Spence, Chuck Ziehr

Members absent: Della Combs, John Gyllin, Martin Venneman, Richard Carhart, Doug Penisten, Liz Cook (NSGA), Tim Foutch, Andrew Vassar, Mark Giese, Kay Grant, Christy Landsaw, Shu Nakai