UPG Committee Minutes


Northeastern State University
University Planning Group
Minutes: February 12, 2009 Meeting
****First draft, February 13, 2009****

Scheduled Time: 2:30-4:00 p.m.

Locations: NET 614 (originating), (ITV) BA-B226

Call to order: 2:32 p.m.


  • Amend/Approve January 22 Meeting Minutes
  • New Member actions
  • UPG transparency and communication
  • Report: Mission/Vision and Implementation proposals forwarded to the President's Council
  • Steering committee assignments
  • Mission/Vision/Values Task Group update/recommendations
    • Information/Assessment/Accountability Task Group
    • Academic Priorities Process Review Task Group
    • Strategic Plan enhancement, clarification
    • Other opportunities/issues: open discussion
  • Next Set of UPG Initiatives:
  • Review future meeting dates

Actions Taken

  • Approved January 22 Meeting Minutes.
  • Proposal (Liz Cook) to add 3 students to the UPG was approved - Kaylyn Handshy (NASA), Shu Nakai (JNSU), Della Combs (Non-trad).
  • Proposal (Dave Kern) to request the addition of Jym Brittain to the UPG was approved.
  • Proposal (Dave Kern) to publish minutes and expand communication with the Faculty Council and other appropriate organizations was approved. Nancy Garber volunteered to coordinate the posting of the minutes. Craig Clifford (Faculty Council Chair person) agreed to coordinate 2-way communication between the UPG and the Faculty Council. Members of other committees and organizations were asked to send Dave Kern the name of the organization and the common contact for review at the next UPG meeting
  • The Mission/Vision/Values Task Group proposed a revised "DRAFT" Focused Mission and Vision that included input from the President's Council and University Planning Group members. The initial proposal was amended as noted in the attachment, and approved. The proposed DRAFT will be forwarded to the university cabinet for discussion and review.
  • Kay Grant replaced Tom Jackson who rotated off the steering committee to lead the new Information/Assessment/Accountability Task Group.
  • The Information/Assessment/Accountability Task Group was formed including Tom Jackson, Sue Catron & Mark Giese. This task group was asked to recommend additional task group members from outside the UPG, subject to approval by the UPG.
  • The Academic Priorities Process Review Task Group was formed, including Christy Landsaw, Janet Bahr, Denise Deason-Toyne, April Adams, Sheila Collins, Mark Kinders, and Martin Venneman (chair). "This committee was formed in response to the approval of the following proposal at the Jan 22 meeting. The Implementation Task Force recommends that the UPG undertake defining a process for prioritizing academic and administrative programs and services on all three campuses. The defined process should then be forwarded to the President's Cabinet for review and implementation. The prioritization exercise should be patterned after the process defined in Dickeson, Robert C. 1999. Prioritizing Academic Programs and Services. Published in association with the USA Group Foundation. Jossey-Bass/Wiley & Sons, Inc. San Francisco, CA 94103-1741 and should be undertaken in such a manner that administrative priorities and services are directly linked to the academic priorities and services defined from the process."
  • The March and April meeting dates were changed to the following:
    • Thursday, March 12, 2:00 p.m.
    • Thursday, April 9, 2:00 p.m.

Other Notes

  • Richard Carhart has been appointed to the University Planning Group.
  • The Mission/Vision and Implementation proposals were forwarded to the President's Council, and were discussed in detail at the January 30/31 retreat. The Mission/ Vision/Values Task Group reviewed the input in detail and presented a revised Focused Mission and Vision (see Actions above). The Implementation Proposals were explained and discussed at the retreat. No specific action was taken at the retreat; however, the process was encouraged with follow-up by the functional leaders. Kim Cherry and Mark Kinders reported that they were moving forward with the proposals in their organizations, noting that the unit plans would follow the general direction of the 2007 Strategic Plan, and additional guidance provided by the recent actions of the University Planning Group (e.g., enhanced mission, vision and values.). A number of issues were noted in moving the strategic planning process to the college and administrative unit level, including the evolving nature of the mission, vision, and the university level strategic plan, and short-term conditions. Acknowledging the issues, the open discussion supported moving forward with the process, including an aggressive target of completing the unit planning this semester if possible. Kim Cherry expressed concern with the with the logic of having the planning portion of the project due in such a short time frame while documentation of what we are currently doing was not due until a much later date - an issue of knowing what you are doing before crating a plan to do more or do differently.
  • Three specific enhancements to the strategic plan had been noted at the January 22 meeting - specifically global engagement, leadership and sustainability. The steering committee will address these and other potential enhancements in preparation for the March 12 meeting. The objective is to lay out a process to address these and other enhancements to the plan over the next 6-8 months.
  • Open Discussion: no other issues or opportunities were addressed.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:03 p.m.

Members in attendance: April Adams, Ed Huckeby, Janet Bahr, Doug Penisten, Sue Catron, Craig Clifford, Sheila Collins, Denise Deason-Toyne, Dave Kern (chairperson), Tim Foutch, Nancy Garber, Kay Grant, Andrew Vassar, Tom Jackson, Christee Jenlink, Christy Landsaw, Pamela Louderback, Mark Giese, Joe Spence, Kim Cherry, Chuck Ziehr, Liz Cook (NSGA), Mark Kinders

Members absent: Tim McElroy, Dalton Bigbee, Laura Boren, John Gyllin, Ed Huckeby (Tom Todd represented Ed at the meeting), Martin Venneman, Richard Carhart


Exhibit 1: Revised Mission and Vision Draft Proposals

The following was recommended by the Task Group. The University Planning Group approved the recommendation with an amended Vision Statement, specifying that:

  1. The Vision Statement include the word "education" before the word "partner", and
  2. The "communities we served" should be clarified to include our commitment to global engagement.

MISSION STATEMENT (No Changes Proposed)

Founded on the rich educational heritage of the Cherokee Nation, the campuses of Northeastern State University provide our diverse communities a broad array of lifelong learning, undergraduate, graduate, and professional doctoral degree programs. Through quality teaching, research and scholarly activities, service to local and professional communities, and high expectations, our dedicated faculty and staff provide a friendly learning environment where students are prepared to achieve socially responsible career and personal goals for success in a challenging global society.


As a culture of learning and discovery, we empower individuals to become socially responsible global citizens.


We will be the partner of choice in eastern Oklahoma, embracing the challenges and opportunities of the communities we serve.


  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity