UPG Committee Minutes


Northeastern State University
University Planning Group
Minutes: December 11, 2008 Meeting
****Approved as amended, January 22, 2009****

Call to order: 9:07 a.m.


  1. Welcome and Opening Comments: Dr. Betz
  2. Introduction of members
  3. The status and general focus of the University Planning Group (UPG)
  4. Operating guidelines, processes and structure for the Group
  5. The immediate and future priorities of the UPG; launch immediate actions
  6. January Group and task meeting dates and tentative agenda
  7. The Group agreed to the following actions/decisions. With the exception of specific election of members to the steering committee; all proposals were approved by voice vote with no opposing votes. Steering committee members were nominated. They were elected by hand vote if more than one candidate for each representative category had been nominated.
  • The University Planning Group (UPG) will form and empower a steering committee to provide guidance to the chair in Group operations, priorities and agendas
  • Task groups will be formed to address specific priority issues and actions as directed by the full UPG. Task groups will make recommendations for review and approval by the full UPG. Each task group will be lead by a task leader.
  • A rotating steering committee was formed with representatives from the university cabinet, faculty (2), college dean, student, and administrative categories. The following were elected: Dr. Janet Bahr, Dr. Craig Clifford, Ms. Liz Cook, Dr. Thomas Jackson, Dr. Christy Landsaw, and Dr. Chuck Ziehr. (There was a discussion that favored rotating the members in a staggered approach, with appointment of the next member from the sitting member from each category; however, this was not specifically put to a vote.)
  • A task group was formed to address implementation of the plan - provide direction for the development and review of initial strategic plans at the college and the administrative unit level. This should include two-way communication. Members include Dr. Martin Venneman (task leader), Dr. April Adams, Vice-president Kim Cherry, Dr. Denise Deason-Toyne, Dr. Kay Grant, and Vice-president Mark Kinders.
  • A task group was formed to refine and simplify the Vision, Mission and Core Values. Members include Dr. Christee Jenlink (task leader), Dr. Dalton Bigbee, Dr. Laura Boren, Ms. Nancy Garber, Dr. Pamela Louderback, and Dr. Andrew Vassar.

Other Notes

  • Dr. Betz encouraged a team approach for this group in leading the planning process for the university, that we be leaders, instigators and creators of change. He encouraged to group to establish where we are in the planning process - what has been accomplished, where are we "flat-footed", priorities and what is missing. He charged the Group to "proceed" (take action based on our current plan) and "amend" (where the plan should be enhanced or refined). There was a strong focus on simplifying the vision, mission and core values. Our efforts should be targeted at serving our students and our communities.
  • The steering committee and the task groups will meet next week in preparation for the next UPG meeting.
  • There was a request to utilize ITV for future meetings to limit the travel time for those outside of Tahlequah.

The next scheduled meeting of the UPG is Thursday, January 22, 2009 at 3:00 p.m. Location is to be determined. Future meetings will be scheduled for 1 hour in duration.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:57 a.m.

Members in attendance: April Adams, Ed Huckeby, Janet Bahr, Tom Jackson, Laura Boren, Dave Kern (chairperson), Sue Catron, Christy Landsaw, Kim Cherry, Pamela Louderback, Craig Clifford, Tim McElroy, Della Combs, Shu Nakai, Denise Deason-Toyne, Joe Spence, Kay Grant, Chuck Ziehr

Members absent: Dalton Bigbee, John Gyllin, Martin Venneman, Richard Carhart, Nancy Garber, Christee Jenlink, Sheila Collins, Doug Penisten, Liz Cook (NSGA), Tim Foutch, Andrew Vassar, Mark Giese, Mark Kinders

Guest: Dr. Don Betz

Members Absent: Mr. Tim Foutch