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Dr. Sung Kun  Kim

Dr. Sung Kun Kim

  • Professor
    Chemistry Broken Arrow

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    • Broken Arrow Science & Health Science Building 224
    • Phone: 918-449-6414

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Program Chair, Natural Sciences Graduate Program, 2020-present
Professor, NSU, 2019-present
Associate Professor, NSU, 2014-2019
Assistant Professor, Baylor University, 2007-2014
Postdoc, Texas Tech U, 2002-2007; U of Penn, 2007


  • Ph D, Biochemistry, Texas Tech University, , 2002
  • MS, Chemistry, Hanyang University, , 1996
  • BS, Chemistry, Hanyang University, , 1994

Research Interests:

Biochemistry, Enzymology, and Molecular Biology

Teaching Interests:

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Professional Activities:

Intellectual Content:

  • Inhibitory Effect of Bridged Nucleosides on Thermus aquaticus DNA Polymerase and Insight into the Binding Interactions. (Journal Article, Academic Journal), , Published, January (1st Quarter/Winter), 2016
  • Inhibition of Bacillus anthracis metallo-ß-lactamase by compounds with hydroxamic acid functionality. (Journal Article, Academic Journal), Discovery, Published, August, 2016
  • Inhibition of anthrax lethal factor by ssDNA aptamers. (Journal Article, Academic Journal), Discovery, Published, May, 2018
  • Novel Peptide-Based Inhibitors for Microtubule Polymerization in Phytophthora capsici. (Journal Article, Academic Journal), Discovery, Published, May, 2019

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