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Faculty Grade Entry Closes

All Campuses

Deadline for faculty to enter grades is 3pm.

1.  VERY IMPORTANT – W IS NOT A VALID GRADE FOR A STUDENT WHO DID NOT WITHDRAW AND IT IS TOO LATE TO ADMINISTRATIVELY WITHDRAW A STUDENT FROM YOUR CLASS.  DO NOT ASSIGN A W GRADE IF THE STATUS IS “REGISTERED” OR “WEB REGISTERED”.  This is the most common error during the grade entry process.  You may only assign a W grade to a student who has a status indicating he/she withdrew from the class.  These statuses are:

 ·         Withdraw Aftr Census No Auto W

·         Withdrawn Course No Auto W

·         Web Withdrawn Course No Auto W

 2.       All faculty, including adjuncts, must enter his/her own grades.  The department administrative assistant does not have access to enter grades for you.  Since grades are entered via goNSU, you do not have to be on campus.

3.       Enter last day attended is only entered for students to whom you assign a grade of F.  You MUST enter the last date of attendance when assigning an F.

4.       DO NOT enter anything in the Hours Attended column.

5.       If a student drops or withdraws from a course after the course has started, entries for the student will disappear from the gradebook in Blackboard. If you need to access grade information for this student, you will need to download and view the Grade History Report from Blackboard. This report will allow you to view every assignment submission for every student in your class, including the ones who dropped.  This link is secured to be visible by employees so you must login to view.

6.       You may change grades in Banner until the deadline.  After grading closes, a grade change form is required.

7.       You must complete a digital Incomplete Grade Contract form for every grade of I that you enter.  The student must agree to the contract and the instructor will also digitally sign the form before it can move to the next step.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021


Tammy Perry

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