Larry Adair Lectureship

The Larry Adair Lectureship Series was established at Northeastern State University Foundation in 2004 by friends and family of the retiring Oklahoma Speaker of the House, the Honorable Larry Adair, to create an annual forum though which to address issues in politics, government and public policy. One of the primary goals of the lectureship is to raise student interest in public affairs and encourage all members of the NSU community to become more engaged citizens.

The lectureship is held on the Tahlequah campus.


2015 | Richard Preston

Ebola and Biological Terrorism

2014 | John Avlon

America’s broken political system and opportunities for constructive change

2013 | Paul Rusesabagina

An Ordinary Man in Extraordinary Times

2012 | Erick Burton 

Destination Direction: Have You Filed Your Flight Plan?

2011 | James Epperson, Jr.

Rethink Possible: Learning Delivered

2009 | Jessy Tolkan

Beyond Green: Sustainability for NSU's Second Century

2007 | James Jones

The Unfolding Role of International Trade to U.S. Economic Well-Being

2006 | Panelists: Jim Edmondson, Yvonne Kauger, Drew Edmondson, Chad Smith, Brad Carson, Dr. Justin Halpern

Appointing a Court: The Supreme Court's Impact on America

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