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NSU Welcomes Newest Hall of Fame Members

TAHLEQUAH - Northeastern State University welcomed three students and one international group into its prestigious Hall of Fame on April 28. Those selected received the honor by meeting a number of criteria: the inductees must be graduating seniors in good standing with the university and have been recognized for an achievement that has brought state, regional, or national recognition to both the student/organization and the University.

Whitney Collins is a member of the President's Leadership Class and served as '03-'04 Senate Representative, '04-'05 Secretary, and '05-'06 President. She is also active in the Northeastern Student Government Association, serving as\'ca '02-'03 Dorm Senator, '05 Technology Chair, and '05-'06 Vice President and in the Northeastern Activities Board\'ca as '03-'04 Comedy Chair, '04-'05 Films Chair, and '05-v06 Merchant Mall Chair. Whitney was also an NSU Redman Ambassador, 2004-2005; Rookie Bridge Camp volunteer, 2003-2005; reporter for "The Northeastern"; active in Rock the Vote; and is involved in numerous community activities. Whitney is graduating with a degree in Mass Communications and will begin her career with AmeriCorps in St. Louis, Missouri.

Lauren Jolly is active in the Northeastern Student Government Association and held the positions of President, Vice President, Safety Committee Chair, and Rock the Vote steering committee. She was also Sigma Sigma Sigma Vice President of New Member Education, Alumnae Relations Chair, 75th Anniversary co-Chair, Senate representative, Homecoming Chair, and Parliamentarian. She was active in the Pan-Hellenic Council as assistant Recruitment Director, S.T.O.M.P Chair, and Recruitment Counselor; the Northeastern Activities Board as Hot Topics Chair and volunteer; and the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature as Delegation Chair, Delegation Vice-Chair, Appropriations Chair, Education Chair, State and Local Vice-Chair, and Secretary. Lauren volunteered for the American Red Cross, Rookie Bridge Camp, Help-In-Crisis, and Relay for Life and served on five University committees. Lauren is graduating with a degree in Political Science and will be interning in Washington, D.C., this summer for Representative Dan Boren.

Carrie Underwood is a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority and performed in Downtown County during the 2003-2004 seasons. She was first runner-up and overall talent winner in Miss NSU 2002, an Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame Rising Star, the 2005 Oklahoman of the Year, and the American Idol 2005 winner.

JNSU is an organization designed to promote an appreciation for and an understanding of the Japanese culture in the NSU and Tahlequah community. JNSU currently consists of\'camore than 60 members and is open to all NSU students. Their 60 active members have generously shared their culture with the NSU campus through their events, which include the annual Cherry Blossom festival and NIPPON, a performance designed to create awareness of the Japanese culture. The JNSU students are always willing to volunteer their time for many University events. The 2006 graduating seniors are the first to graduate from the NSU NCN program.


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