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2001-2002 Circle of Excellence Awards Presented

TAHLEQUAH - On April 24, the 2001-2002 Circle of Excellence Awards were presented to Dr. Lallie Scott for teaching, Dr. Doug Penisten for service, and Dr. Maryene Bentley for research. The Circle of Excellence awards are a way for outstanding faculty to be recognized and awarded for their hard work.

Each year, three faculty members are chosen by colleagues from several faculty members to be added to the Circle of Excellence. Awards are given in three areas: teaching, service, and research.

“Dr. Scott, Dr. Penisten, and Dr. Bentley are outstanding faculty members,” said Dr. Larry Williams, NSU president. “Their dedication to students and service of the University is exemplary and paramount to the success of Northeastern State University.

"I have always said that we have the best faculty in the state of Oklahoma, and all three professors are wonderful examples of the University faculty as a whole.”

Each winner receives a brick that will be placed in the Circle of Excellence, located in front of Seminary Hall. Winners receive a permanent place in NSU’s history and their choice of either a new computer or $2,500 to attend a conference or buy any needed equipment.

“I am thrilled to be receiving this award," said Dr. Scott, associate professor of Geography. “There are some great teachers on this campus and to be recognized by other faculty is humbling.”

Scott began teaching at NSU in 1993. She teaches nine different courses and is constantly trying to come up with ways to keep things fresh and interesting for her students. She tries to work in a multimedia-equipped classroom whenever possible and says that she couldn’t teach some of her classes if she did not have access to technology.

Dr. Doug Penisten, professor of Optometry, has served on 19 different University committees and was on a Kiwanis committee for four years as well as serving the community in many other projects.

“I am very honored to receive this award,” Penisten said, “and I appreciate working at a University where service is valued as such an important aspect of faculty development."

Dr. Maryene Bentley is assistant professor of English and Linguistics. Along with many other accomplishments, she has written many papers for presentation at various seminars, was invited to join a professional advisory committee for the Cherokee Nation, presented her paper at the Oklahoma Native Language Association, and just recently received the French Embassy Scholarship, granted by the Southwest Conference on Language Teaching.


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