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Byus to Serve on Academy Service Selection Board

Congressman Brad Carson has appointed Dr. Kent Byus to serve on his Academy Service Selection Board. This committee assists the congressman in considering young Oklahomans desiring entrance into any of the United States service academies including the Naval Academy, the United States Military Academy at West Point, the Air Force Academy, and the Coast Guard Academy.

The committee’s responsibilities include consideration of the applicant’s high school record and class standing, SAT or ACT exam scores, physical fitness, and letters of recommendation. Board members will review applicants, interview candidates, and make nomination recommendations to Rep. Carson.

Each Congressional office is allowed to nominate ten candidates for any academy vacancy. Each member of congress may have up to five cadets or midshipmen at each Academy at any one time.

“There are many applicants and few openings,” Dr. Byus said. “This work is extremely important, and I am proud of the appointment because it provides opportunities to positively impact the lives and education of our young Oklahoma citizens.”

Dr. Byus has 20 years of service as a commissioned officer in the U.S. army in active duty and the reserves. The appointment provides an opportunity for Dr. Byus to continue to be of service to the state and the nation. Dr. Buys is and assistant professor of Marketing at Northeastern State University.

For additional information contact Dr. Kent Byus, 456-5511, ext. 3010.  

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