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NSU Students Present Papers at Psychology Convention

On March 22 and 23, Drs. Kenny Paris and Kathy Sanders, assistant professors in the Department of Psychology and Counseling, accompanied 11 NSU students to the 22nd Annual Great Plains Psychology Students’ Convention held on the Emporia State University campus in Emporia, KS. Representing 30 institutions, there were approximately 350 students in attendance with more than 160 presenting papers or posters.

For the fourth-consecutive year, NSU was well-represented. Seven NSU undergraduates presented a total of eight original papers or posters. Dr. Paris sponsored the following undergraduate oral literature review papers: “Prescription Privileges for Psychologists: An Undergraduate’s Perspective” by Emily Heath; “An Overview of the Effectiveness of Juvenile Rehabilitation Services” by Holley Campbell; “Experiential-Based Training Within the Criminal Justice System: Good or Bad?” by Patricia Kennedy (co-sponsored by Mr. Charles Dreveskracht); and “A Brief Examination of the Psychological Effects of Victimization” by Holley Campbell. Campbell's paper won First Place in the Undergraduate Literature Review, Non-Empirical (Forensic) category.

Dr. Sanders sponsored the following undergraduate empirical poster presentations: “Consumption of Caffeine” by Jeni Quinn; “The Effect of Nail Biter’s Polish and Stress Management Interventions on a College Student’s Fingernail Biting Behaviors Brought About by Stress” by Dawn Russell; “The Effect of Anger and Stress Awareness Techniques on a College Student’s Ability to Control Anger When Under Stress” by Tracy Tipton; and “The Effect of Reducing Soft Drink Intake and Increasing Water Intake on a College Student’s Health Symptomology” by Jennifer Cooper.

Several first-year graduate students in the Counseling Psychology master’s program also presented literature review papers. Dr. Paris sponsored each of these papers. They included: “Breaking the Golden Rule: Ethical Breaches of Confidentiality” by Taylor Martin; “Informed Consent and Confidentiality in School Settings” by Denise Samples; “Counseling Minors on Reproductive Issues: Legal and Ethical Aspects” by Alicia Irvin; and, “Rational Suicide: Issues and Considerations” by Steven Poindexter. The paper by Irvin was awarded Second Place in the Graduate Literature Review, Non-Empirical (Clinical, Counseling, and School) category, while Poindexter's paper won Second Place in the Graduate Literature Review, Non-Empirical (Social) category.

The keynote speakers for this year’s conference included Dr. Rick Snyder, Wright Distinguished Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Kansas. His address was titled, “Bringing Hope to the Classroom: A Student’s and Teacher’s Best Aid.” The other keynote address was delivered by Dr. Scott Poland, Director of the Department of Psychological Services for the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District in Houston, TX. Dr. Poland is a national expert on school violence and his presentation was titled, “Preventing and Responding to Tragic Deaths of Children.”


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