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NSU Student Wins Second-Place at Optometry Super Bowl

TAHLEQUAH - Northeastern State University College of Optometry Student Selina McGee recently took second-place honors at the twelfth-annual Varilux Optometry Super Bowl. The super bowl was one of the events held at the 32nd Annual Conference of the American Optometric Student Association in Philadelphia, PA. McGee, from Leedy, OK, received $500 as the second-place winner.

Contestants from 19 schools and colleges of optometry participated in the event answering questions like, “A patient has an uncorrected refractive error of - 1.50 - 2.00X 90 and their accommodation is relaxed. What viewing distance places the circle of least confusion on the retina?” The answer: 40 CM.

The annual AOSA conference is attended by students from nearly all the schools and colleges of optometry in the United States and Canada. The AOSA represents more than 5,000 students from the 19 schools and colleges. More than 25 students from NSU’s College of Optometry attended this year’s meeting.

Jody LeMarr, third-year student from Broken Arrow, OK, was elected to the office of Secretary of the national organization. Chad Fleming, fourth-year student from Hutchison, KS, just completed a year as president of the association.

Conference events included education classes and a large exhibit by optical suppliers and manufacturers.


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