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NSU awarded three $2,500 tuition waivers this fall as part of its campaign. One waiver was awarded to an incoming freshman, Ashley Gilliam, and another to a returning student, Danica Lee. Megan Slayton, a student who transfered to NSU in Spring 2009, was given the third waiver.

Slayton arrived at Northeastern after attending a year at the University of Oklahoma then completing her Associate's degree at Tulsa Community College.

“I wanted to get a degree in Elementary Education and I knew that NSU was the best and most reputable for their education program,” Slayton said. “I have taken classes at NSU since spring of 2009 and I absolutely love it! I intend on graduating in the spring semester of 2011.”

Slayton is a graduate of Bishop Kelley High School in Tulsa. The youngest of six children, she is paying for her education on her own, making her waiver even more significant.

“I am really excited about winning the scholarship and I am really honored,” Slayton said. “I have never won anything until now and I think that this was an awesome thing to win. It will help further my education greatly—I will be able to take more classes to reach my graduation point faster. I would like to thank NSU for this great reward and I feel truly blessed.”

Danica Lee is a sophomore non-traditional student from Checotah. Lee has a 1-year-old son and is a Visual Communication major. She was surprised to win the scholarship, but said it was much-needed and appreciated.

“I never win anything,” Lee said. “I was just thinking about how I was going to pay for the rest of school and then I got a call and they said I won this tuition waiver.”

Ashley Gilliam is an incoming freshman from Porter who was named Porter Peach Queen in 2008. She plans to major in Biology and become a veterinary technician.

“I feel very lucky and privileged,” she said. “The scholarship made college more affordable.”

NSUAnswers was a recruitment campaign in which Northeastern offered answers to any college question—campus life, university procedures, scholarship application, aptitude testing, etc.—through T-shirts and iPods were given away in addition to the waivers.

Winners were randomly selected from current NSU students and incoming students who submitted a question to


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