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Living Literature Center to Explore Science Fiction/Fantasy at Spring Conference

TAHLEQUAH - The Northeastern State University Living Literature Center will host its annual Spring Conference March 29-30 in the Redbud Room of the University Center. The conference, highlighted by science fiction films, will delve into the intriguing world of science fiction and fantasy literature.

The two-day conference is open to NSU students and community members and may be attended for one hour of undergraduate/graduate credit in English (English 4931/5651). Registration is $45 plus tuition for one credit hour and includes a buffet lunch and conference materials.

“I think we're fascinated so much by science fiction and fantasy because they portray ‘other worlds’ - fans of those genres love them not so much because of the desire to escape this world but in the dialogue that scifi/fantasy creates between this world and some imagined one,” said Dr. Chris Malone, Living Literature Center Director. “That dialogue is instructive; it points out what we're missing, how our world might be different, where we might be headed in the case of science fiction, or how a nostalgic interest in the past in fantasy literature compensates for what we no longer have in the present (or perhaps never had). The genres are both utopic and dystopic. The conference is a forum for people to express their strong feelings about these texts and films and engage in conversation with others who love those texts as much as they do.”

The conference will begin with a lecture titled “The Influence of C.S. Forester on Science Fiction,” given by lecturer and NSU assistant professor of English, Dr. Patrick Enright. The lecture will be followed by the film “Trekkies.”

The second day of the conference features “In Other Worlds: Fantasy Literature” by Mark Malaby, OSU College of Education; “Why I Like Science Fiction” by Dr. Sharon Winn, NSU associate professor of English; “The Magic of Harry Potter: Roundtable Discussion” with Gene Hennigh, NSU instructor of English, Joe Suse, NSU instructor of English, and Dr. Sharon Winn; “Reality Through the Eyes of Fantasy” by Michael Peters, Tahlequah High School English Teacher; Stanley Kubrick’s film “Clockwork Orange”; and “Linguistic Violence and Other Perversions in Clockwork Orange.”

For more information, contact Dr. Chris Malone at 456-5511, ext. 4503.


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