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Discover the Passion of Camelot with NSU

TAHLEQUAH - The story of a young king, his queen, a forbidden love and the Knights of the Round Table, "Camelot" brings the Arthurian legend to life in a stunning display of musical enchantment.

Northeastern State University, The Sequoyah Institute, and Advantage Audiology are sponsoring the one-day performance of "Camelot" at 2 p.m. Sunday, March 11, at the NSU Center for the Performing Arts.

"The story focuses on King Arthur's later years and the love triangle between Arthur, Queen Guinevere, and Sir Lancelot," said Megan White, director of The Sequoyah Institute. "With memorable songs like 'If Ever I Would Leave You' and 'The Lusty Month of May,' its no surprise why 'Camelot' was a smash hit on Broadway."

The story opens with a young King Arthur preparing to meet Queen Guenevere for the first time. She has traveled from Scotland as part of an arranged marriage that she continues to try to escape. The two marry and eventually fall in love, much to the delight and pleasure of Arthur's wise and magical tutor, Merlin.

In order to bring peace and stability to the kingdom, Arthur establishes the Knights of the Round Table, who will dedicate their lives to righting all wrongs done to those less fortunate than themselves.

After hearing of Arthur and his famous knights, Lancelot arrives in France to join Arthur and his legendary knights, eventually becoming the king's best friend and confidant. Unintentionally, Lancelot falls in love with Guinevere and she with him. Their secret affair is made public by Arthur's illegitimate son Mordred and his mother, Arthur's aunt, the sorceress Morgan le Fey, who seduced Arthur using a magic spell while he was still a young man.

As a result of Mordred's evil scheme, Arthur's dreams of peace and goodness for his kingdom come to an end and war breaks out as Arthur's knights take up battle against Lancelot's French forces after he rescues Guinevere from being burned at the stake.

Written by the talented duo behind "My Fair Lady," Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe's follow-up success debuted on Broadway in 1960, running for 25 months. Several revivals and a movie adaptation have made "Camelot" one of the most successful musicals in modern history.

Tickets for the show are $20 for adults, $18 for NSU alumni, $16 for NSU employees, $14 for senior citizens, $10 for students and children, and $5 for NSU students. For ticket information, please call 918-458-2075.

Additional funding is provided by the Mid America Arts Alliance, the Oklahoma Arts Council, and the National Endowment for the Arts. For more information on the 21st Annual Galaxy of Stars Series, visit the Sequoyah Institute's web site.


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