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NSU Center for Tribal Studies accepting applications for Emergency Fund Grant

Northeastern State University’s Center for Tribal Studies has been awarded the Emergency Fund Grant from Partnership with Native Americans and the American Indian Education Fund. The grant is designed to assist students with a one-time emergency.

The funds awarded through this grant are not intended for tuition, fees or campus housing. They are allocated for emergency needs that can affect a student’s ability to be successful in his or her academic endeavors. Emergency needs include transportation related expenses, unexpected utility bill increases, loss in family income due to illness or death and expenses related to dependent care and/or food shortages.

Grant awards range from $20 to $400 and all applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.

The recipient must be a full-time undergraduate or graduate student at Northeastern State University, have proof of enrollment in a federally recognized tribe and be willing to complete the required three hours of volunteer service within 30 days of receiving the award.

More information about the “Emergency Fund Grant” and the application for the grant can be found at

Published: 11/27/2017 4:23:03 PM

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